Ambigram Tattoos

Ambigram refers to a graphic figure which can either be inverted, mirrored, or flipped. Additionally, it refers to a typographical design where a phrase or word has a specific meaning.

It can either be viewed upside down or right side up. There are different types of ambigrams which include perceptual shift, multi-lingual, and rotational. The mirror designed of the ambigrams can be read and show a reflection in the mirror.

Some of the variations of the glass door ambigrams include designs that form different phrases and words.

One of the examples of the ambigram is the chain ambigram which is designed with words interlinked to form a circle.

Letters can also be overlapped to form a word. Most people who have this tattoo form their names. When getting the chain ambigram symmetry is one of the major factors that should be considered.

There a dictionary for the ambigram designs where one can choose great range of fonts and scripts from the elegant one to the simply elegant ones. A design can either consists of a phrase or a single word.

Depending on the concept of the ambigram it can either be reversed, reflected on the mirror or rotated. Sometimes even when it is rooted or mirrored, the meaning remains the same.

Dragonfly tattoos

Dragons are one of the most legendary creatures in the human history especially in folklore and mythology.

They are part of great history in Vietnam, Japan, China and many other countries. According to most of these communities’ dragons were viewed as noble creatures with powers and honors.

In some civilizations such as European, they were considered as evil and dark.

There are various meanings of the dragon tattoos. For instance, they are considered as a symbol of wisdom and strength.

While in some communities they were considered as those that bring bad omen and greedy.

The Eastern dragon was viewed as a noble beast which offered protection and wisdom in the ancient Western culture.

It was a creature which represented dark and threatening life. However, the dragon was still seen as a creature that depicts intelligence. Moreover, the Dragon represented wisdom, power and protection.

Thus, most people who have the dragon tattoo depict freedom of life and the soul. The dragonfly tattoo can be done in a variety of styles which can be dramatic or cartoonish, or abstract or realistic.

In the ancient history, the dragon was the highest honors that one could achieve. Today, dragon can be selected according to the meaning that it shares with the butterflies during the metamorphosis process.

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