Common Used Tattoo Tools

There are, however, several types of tattoo tools and the most commonly used are pneumatic, rotary, coil, liner, and shader tattoo machines.

Each machine has its own specific use and depending on the type of the tattoo, the artist will select the best machine.

It is very important that whichever machine is being used, it has to be tuned frequently for best performance

But, there are many kinds of tattoo machines like the shader, liner, coil, rotary, and pneumatic tattoo machines.

The tattoo artist chooses the best machine that is suited for the tattoo design he wants to produce, for an exmaple like ankh tattoo designs. Whatever may be the machine that is used, it is imperative that it is frequently tuned to give optimal performance.

Getting started in tattooing is not like getting started in any other industry.

It is more on par with old-fashioned times, wherein which a person who wanted to learn a skill or a craft would have to find a mentor and apprentice underneath them, picking up the skill the old-fashioned way: by doing it!

This is mostly still the case for the tattoo industry. One side effect of this is that it is a bit harder to come upon information on all the “tools of the trade” so to speak.

There are no textbooks out there called Tattoo Supplies 101! With this in mind, this article will look at the basics involves for tattooing supplies, with the beginner in mind as the reader.

When discussing the basic tattoo supplies involved in this line of work, there are a handful of key pieces. Let us look at them one by one.

Different types of tools are needed to make this work of art precise and effective.

Stick and poke

Stick and poke is often used for making tattoos at home. Generally experienced artists perform this work of art by using these tools.

They make use of a sewing needle’s tip and get it wrapped in ink-soaked thread, leaving the point protruding.

The instrument is saturated with ink, and the skin is pricked time and again for creating the design. The thread’s purpose is to keep the needle point coated in ink so that more ink penetrates the skin.

Tattoo stencil

One of the most important instruments which you need to use for creating a perfect tattoo in today’s world is a tattoo stencil.

If you take a look at a general context, a large number of experienced tattooists tend to prefer the stencil method. It is better to opt for this particular method rather than the freehand design at the first step.

When the tattoo is applied on the skin of the person, a considerable part of it needs to be stretched. If you are not using a stencil in this regard, the entire tattoo may exhibit quite a distorted look.

A very methodical process is followed during the use of the stencil. A carbon paper is usually used to copy the design on to the stencil. It is also important to keep in mind that the image always appears on the skin in a reverse format. Apart from the usage of carbon paper, a light label can also be used.

After the stencil is made, it is ready to be applied on the customer’s skin. Before the application of the stencil, the skin of the customer must be shaved properly.

The proper use of antiseptic is also quite essential. Some of the tattoo experts use the roll on deodorant with the stencil. However, a proper amount of pressure is needed to be put with the stencil to create the right design.